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День Благодарения

Прочитал сегодня в университетском журнале про День Благодарения (он же сенкгивуха в этом году)

...Before they boarded the Mayflower in 1620—the first of several ships carrying Pilgrims to Massachusetts—the English Calvinists spent more than a decade as refugees in Leiden, a university town known now for its beautiful canals and sprawling street market, but in the 17th century for religious tolerance and a robust textile industry. Leiden was an important haven for the Pilgrims; it sheltered them and shaped them. The concept of civil marriage, which the Pilgrims brought with them to America, planting an early seed of the separation of church and state, is taken from Dutch law. Explicating the concept, Plymouth Colony governor William Bradford quoted in his journal a passage from "A General History of the Netherlands," printed in 1608. In his journal, Bradford referred to page 1029: “It was decreed by a public proclamation, that all such as were not of the Reformed religion, (after lawful and open publication) coming before the magistrates in the townhouses, were orderly given in marriage one unto another.” This paragraph is a source for the beginning of civil marriage in English law.

...Even that first Thanksgiving has Dutch roots. It drew not only on biblical harvest festivals but also on the thanksgivings the Pilgrims attended every October 3 in Leiden, commemorating the end of the Spanish siege of 1574, in which half the town’s population died.

Лейденский университет тоже основан в память о знаменитой осаде. История удивительная (огромная территория была затоплена, чтобы голландский флот смог доставить провизию умирающему голодной смертью городу, готовому сдаваться испанцам).

Говорят, что те все равно не позволили флоту дойти до города, если б не одна красивая девушка

Есть кому сказать спасибо...
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