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Fiasco with puzzle 10

My original plan was to furnish the "proof" of electron's existence in Leibniz' sense; i.e. to demonstrate that the electron satisfies the requirement for maximal compatibility and hence exists. It was supposed to follow the plan of Plato's Republic. Socrates was unable to prove that justice is better than injustice for any given individual, but he was able to show why this might be true for a city. I cannot prove that the electron exists but I can argue why the Universe with leptons opens more possibility for complexity and structure than the Universe without the leptons. Assuming that other components of the standard model exist one can argue that adding leptons would be an excellent - quite possibly the best - way to introduce such complexity and variety. It was exciting to imagine the lepton-less world and then examine possible ways it can be extended; it was instructive to ponder why weak doublets might be the best way to go, from the engineering standpoint. It was blasphemous, too.

However, I changed my mind. Apparently such flights of fancy are hopelessly dated. The correct approach is to focus on semantics of scientific theories and figure out whether one is a realist or an anti-realist. As soon as that is decided, the question will take care of itself.

I will follow this advice, but I am glad that I tried it my way. Making the right choice for the entire world was exhilarating, eventhough the solution was hardly a secret. It put interesting ideas into my head and it made me see what I knew in a new light.

PS: This post ends "puzzles" series. Thank you all for your interest and comments. 
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